SERVICES: What we do


In addition to our core services, we would like to highlight our sector-specific areas of expertise

  • Gas Station / Convenience
  • Inventory

Sector specials / B&G shopper monitor gas station

Since 2004 B&G has been measuring consumer behavior at gas stations and so has created a unique platform for retail and industry to agree on a consistent set of data on market events and trends in the gas station market. We use this tool not only to present long-term trends in the use of gas stations, but also to generate category related shopper data which we provide to all participants of the multi-client study.

The quality of the information results from the combination of research modules:

  • Approx. 2,500 consumer interviews p.a. (at the POS)
  • Interviewing of gas station operators

In addition, the study is supplemented by a representative population survey to be able to better portray the attitudes of “light customers” (occasional shoppers) and possible barriers to usage.



The complete inventory of retail stores as the basis for process optimization in retailing is a specialist area in which we operate both at home and abroad.

Our services:

  • Planning of the inventory process
  • Test inventory
  • Supply and training of staff for inventory
  • Resource planning and supervision of data collectors
  • Data /plausibility check
  • Preparation and transfer of data