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Shopper Research

Your key to sales success

Understanding Shoppers

The business that best understands the shopper and his decision/buying behavior will be able to ideally cater to him and will be a step ahead of the competition in the sales race. Shopper research is therefore one of the main keys to sales success.

Maximising Potentials

Bormann & Gordon has been a specialist in conducting shopper research projects for more than 15 years and accompanies companies in the optimal implementation of survey results at the POS

Benefit in multiple ways


In continually developing our "Shopper Research Toolbox" we provide you with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring that the latest developments in research are reflected and incorporated.


By utilizing our own field organization and maintaining very good relationships to retailers we are able to organize and conduct research projects independently which saves time and resources.


Our many years of expertise in various areas (numerous sectors and channels) enables us to interpret your results in context and to derive clear recommendations.


Our comprehensive and proprietary B&G benchmarking database helps us to put the results into a realistic perspective.

Category Management Shopper Research

Professional category management requires comprehensive shopper insights. Bormann & Gordon develops and implements customized shopper studies for category management and supplies valid insights for optimal department design and category placement.

Category Research

  • Search behavior of shoppers at the POS
  • Purchase decision behavior at the POS
  • Consumer decision tree
  • Shopping mission
  • Planned and impulse purchase

valuation of CM and POS activities in pre/ post interviews

Targeted before/after interviews and analysis of the collated data allow us to specifically determine the impact of individual activities and the required changes per department/category...

Loyalty Card Analysis

Retailers use loyalty cards not only for customer retention – the cards also link shopping baskets with shopper related information and so provide valuable insights on customer types/clusters and the buying behavior of shoppers, e.g.

  • Which groups of shoppers buy brand A versus brand B?
  • How far do the groups of shoppers overlap?
  • Is the customer new to the category (first time buyer)?
  • Which products were purchased before the promotion/before the new product launch?

The analysis allows valuable conclusions to be drawn for your category management and POS activities.

Brand Research

Promotion shopper analysis

Key question: what impact do promotions at the POS have on shoppers?

The targeted interviewing of customers in outlets where a brand promotion is implemented provides information on:

  • awareness of promotions and advertising
  • activation potential of the promotion
  • relevance for the purchase decision
  • buyers of the promoted article(s)

Analysis of shopper potential

Key question: what can induce a shopper who is willing to switch brands to buy our brand?

Our analysis on shopper potential which examines the behavior of loyal shoppers and brand hoppers helps us to determine what makes a shopper choose one brand over the other(s). This allows us to identify key stimuli which could motivate brand hoppers to switch brand.

Optimal pricing

Key question: how much are your customers willing to pay?

Demand driven pricing is the basis for increasing revenue. Based on shopper surveys we can determine the upper and lower price limit(s) of a particular brand and the optimal price positioning compared to competitors.