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POS Excellence Pharmacy

POS Excellence Pharmacy

Since 2008 we have been campaigning for greater transparency in “Pharmacy POS-Optimization”. In addition to our established solution which tracks the POS at pharmacies (POS Monitor Pharmacy) together with our partner IQVIA™ we offer inspiring causal analyses and evaluate the impact of various POS executions on your brand sales.

POS Monitor Pharmacy

B&G visits a set group of pharmacies (some 2500) four times a year to assess the POS situation:

Which products are visibly offered on the shelf?

behind-the-counter display/self-service

What is the quality of placement like?

width of the placement, but also location on the shelf

Which advertising is visible?

shop window display, counter display, etc.

The POS Monitor Pharmacy follows a multi-client approach and is used by all relevant OTC companies.

The results are used to:

control and evaluate the sales force organizations (results by sales territory) measure POS executions in pharmacy associations (in line with agreement? yes/no)

Owing to the quality and stability of the data B&G has been able to continuously expand the number of participants over recent years.

Special Analysis

Numerous special surveys which determine the situation at the POS and the implementation of promotions serve as the basis for detailed studies. By linking POS data with sales data we can derive optimal decisions regarding placement, such as placement width etc.