Case study: Measurement of Success Category Management

From a shopper’s viewpoint is the optimized shelf layout a success?

Measurable results using before and after surveys at the POS

“Customer is king“: we find out using targeted before and after interviews at the shelf what the customer really thinks about the various category management and POS changes

Do customers notice the change?
And how do they rate (evaluate) it?

Case Study Diageo:

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Using the example of Diageo, the world leader in the sector premium beverages (spirits, wine and beer), Bormann & Gordon regularly compares the awareness and acceptance of customers before and after optimizing the shelf layout for spirits. This is one of a variety of category management projects that Diageo undertakes for the product group with its retail partners, in particular regarding the optimization of the product line, the restructuring of categories and re-organization of products according to the shopper decision tree.

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Sample results from over 1.200 interviews with shoppers:

Results show a high awareness of optimization measures
2/3 of all spirit buyers notice the improvement/change/enhancement.

Shoppers rate the enhancements very highly!
47 % of those surveyed preferred the optimized placement while 48 % felt that the placement was just as good as before.

Improved shelf guidance!
3/4 of shoppers quickly find what they are looking for

Clearer product placement and greater (perceived) choice of products form a shopper perspective

"The client surveys which Bormann & Gordon conduct at the POS both before and after optimization of the product group spirits/liquors) have become an integral part of our category management partnerships/relationships. In addition to the quantitative evaluation of scanner data the additional analysis of client perception has become an essential factor. Our retail partners also highly value these results and they are a key component in our negotiation of target agreements with our partners."

Eckehard Nau

Sr. Category Development Manager

DIAGEO | Germany & Austria